"Why Timeshare Title ...?"

A vast majority of title agents specialize in residential and commercial closings... but what about timeshare closings? Most title agents have never conducted a timeshare closing, nor would they take one. That’s where we come in...

Timeshare Title was established to specialize in timeshare closings. Our staff has extensive experience in conducting timeshare closings as well as in the timeshare industry itself. Whether it is a purchase and sale, transfer of deed, or adding a party to your timeshare, we can handle it.

Timeshare closings are longer and different than the average residential or commercial closing. Timeshare Title’s sole purpose is to make your closing go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We hope to be your closing agent in your next timeshare closing.

Timeshare Title specializes in timeshare closings but we also do residential and commercial closings. Please visit our Closing Services pages to read about all of the services we offer.